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Jesus and Tim in Las Vegas 2017
Jesus and Tim in Las Vegas 2018

Today's Program1/06/2018


Has our special guest and friend Ruben Israel talking about witnessing to Muslims about their rejection of Jesus as the Son of God. Ruben also talks about the SOPA convention.

Today's Program1/13/2018


Has our special guest and head of Chick publications David Daniels talking about the fallacies of bible versions against God's preserved Word.

Missing video


Today's program 1/27/2018

Has our special guest Jed Smock, a former college professor, talks about his ministry within the college community. Tim also shares a great track addressing the lie that God loves everybody.

Today's Program 2/03/2018


Has our special guest host Pastor

 Bill Walker giving his testimony regarding homosexuality and how to witness to those caught up in this particular lifestyle.

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