Todays program 2/11/2017 has special guest Tim Thompson a former psychic & satanist talks about his experience with when the Lord saved him. Pastor Tim and exposing the are two websites of Pastor Thompson.

Today's program 3/4/2017 has Billy Crone of "get a life" ministries talking about his pre-tribulation position.

Today's program 3/25/2017 has guest host   T.A McMahon gives the biblical perspective on the hit movie "The Shack". We feel it would be more appropriately named "The outhouse".

Today's program 4/15/2017 has special guest Dr. Bob Morey talking about Hank Hanegraaff's recent conversion to Eastern orthodoxy. Tim also talks to his friend Nazareth about their upcoming music festival.

Today's program 5/6/2017

 has return guest Billy Crone on to give his rebuttal to our ongoing discussion regarding the pre trib/post trib debate.

Todays program 2/18/2017 has special guest host Kleg Seth Talks about the halfway house they set up in Hollywood and unique experiences where suffering brings a greater joy.

Today's program 3/11/2017 has guests Ron and Elaine Olsen talking about their experiences as missionaries in Liberia west Africa.


Today's program 4/01/2017 was expecting to have special guest Kent Hovind, due to unknown circumstances Tim read some great information from a couple of his favorite tracts.

Today's program 4/22/2017


With special guest Rob Walters to give his rebuttal to Billy Chrones pre/post trib position in our continued discussion.

Today's program 5/13/2017 has Tim's Pastor, at Four Seasons Church in Las Vegas, Bill Walker talking about his struggle with homosexuality and his coming to Christ.

Today's program is guest hosted by Rob Walters from Red Sky Radio explaining his belief in post tribulation rapture according to scripture.

Today's program 3/18/2017 has guest Danny Daniels on to talk about his experiences as a soldier and how war can effect a mans faith.

Today's program 4/08/2017 has special guest David Daniels from Chick publications. David talks about his history with one of the best Christians of our time, Jack T. Chick.

Todays Program 4/29/2017


 Tim plays a great program of an argument against Seventh day Adventism that shows by scripture the error of the  Ellen G. White cult.

Today's program 5/20/2017 has one of our favorite guests Dr. Kent Hovind. Tim ask's Kent about his position on the movie "The Shack" regarding Michael Youssef's 13 heresies about the shack, but there are huge differences in the book compared to the movie.

Today's program 5/27/2017 is guest hosted by Dan Fox and Chet Gallagher, and they discuss the undeniable murder of defenseless unborn babies in abortion mills and how it effects our former great Nation.

Today's program 6/3/2017 is hosted by Dan Fox, featuring our guests, a husband and wife missionary team. Juman Hwang and his wife are doing missions in Albania, which we discuss on the show.

Today's program 6/10/2017

has Tim's good friend, our special guest Steve Wark talks about his new project, a search engine called

Today's program 6/17/2017


Tim plays a recording of a great discussion with Tom McMahon & Dale Ratsliff regarding the false cult of Seven day Adventists.

Todays Program 6/21/2017


Tim is covering for a fellow radio host at KKVV Barbara Potok! Tim's close friend Jack MacElroy is our guest regarding changes in bibles.

Today's Program 6/24/2017


Tim has fellow KKVV radio host Charlie Crosby talking about their differences in ministry to bring the lost to Jesus.

Todays program 7/29/2017

 Tim has special guest Darrel C. Porter to talk a little about his evangelistic ministry and Pastoral services. Tim also talks briefly about his latest trip to French Guiana.

Today's program 7/05/2017 is Tim filling in for fellow radio show host Barbara Potok who is normally on KKVV Wednesday at 3pm PST. Tim reads a great tract to honor our law enforcement officers.

Today's program 7/01/2017

 has guest Kleg Seth and fellow members of "Centrum", a homeless shelter originally in Hollywood but currently in Pahrump Nevada.

Today's program 7/08/2017

 has Jack MacElroy author of

"How I lost my fear of death and you can too." Tim and Jack talk a little about the Jehovah's Witness cult.

Today's program 7/15/2017 has one of our favorite guests on the show, Ray Comfort from Living Waters ministry. Ray talks about some of his films for salvation and his new movie "Exit" at about suicide.

Today's program 7/22/2017 is hosted by Dan Fox and interviewing one of our favorite guests, David Daniels of Chick Publications. David tells us a little about the effectiveness of Chick Tracts and gives some info regarding his upcoming books.

Today's program 8/5/2017

 has our return guest and dear friend to Tim, Kleg Seth. Kleg and Tim talk with guests from the Centrum of Hollywood homeless shelter founded by Kleg.

Today's Program 8/26/2017


Todays program is missing


Today's Program 9/16/2017


is Missing


Today's Program 8/12/2017


has one of our favorite  return guests Dr. Bob Morey talking a little about his latest book on the Trinity.

Today's Program 9/02/2017


Has our special guests

Klegg Seth and  T. Martin Bennet, talking about Martin's book entitled "Wounded Tiger" based on a true story.


Today's Program 9/23/2017


is Missing


Today's Program 8/19/2017


Has our special guest

Joan Schnieder talking about her experiences with Anit Semitism, and Catholicism.


Today's Program 9/09/2017


Has our special return guest Robert A. Friedman

discussing the effects on countries and nations that oppose the nation of Israel.


Today's Program 9/30/2017


is Missing


Today's Program10/14/2017


is Missing

Today's Program 10/07/2017


Has our special guest host

Tom A. McMahon talking about the biblical accuracy of Calvanism.

Today's Program 10/21/2017


Has our special guest host

Dr. Bob Morey talks about his position opposing the King James only bible believers.

Today's Program 10/28/2017


Tim has special guest Robert Craig and his wife Thelma, discussing his experience with witchcraft and in coming to the Lord.