Date: Sat, 1/2/16 Guests: Bill McKeever Topics: Bill McKeever from Mormonism Research Ministry talks about his ministry to Mormons.

 Date: Sat, 1/9/16

    Guests: Eric Kneller

    Topics: Eric Kneller, a former Jehovah's Witness, talks about the religion and his transition to Biblical Christianity.

Date: Sat, 1/16/16

    Guests: Dan Wooding

    Topics: Dan Wooding from "Assist News" talks about persecuted Christians with guest host Robert Morey.

Date: Sat, 1/23/16

    Guests: Robert A. Friedman

    Topics: Author Robert A. Friedman talks about witnessing to the Jewish people.

Date: Sat, 1/30/16

    Guests: Ron Rhodes

    Topics: Ron Rhodes from "Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries" talks about witnessing to Mormons.

Date: Sat, 2/6/16

   Thom Abbott, David Daniels

    Topics: Thom Abbott from "Equip Me With Grace" talks about his ministry, and David Daniels talks about the KJV translation and the "Codex Sinaiticus".

Date: Sat, 2/13/16

    Guests: Pastor Michael Hoggard

    Topics: Pastor Michael Hoggard from Bethel Church in Festus Missouri talks with Tim about hell, and some of the doctrinal errors in the Church.

 Date: Sat, 2/20/16

    Guests: Kyle Winkler

    Topics: Kyle Winkler from talks about his teaching and media ministry, and his book "Silence Satan".

 Date: Sat, 2/27/16

    Topics: Dr. Ted Baehr from talks about Christian movies, and Tim reads some material from the book "The Second Greatest Lie Ever Told" by Mark Cahill.

 Date: Sat, 3/5/16

    Topics: Jack McElroy talks about his book on Bible translations, "Which Bible Would Jesus Use? The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved"

Date: Sat, 3/12/16

    Guests: Scott Crawford

    Topics: Scott Crawford from Preach Across America talks about his ministry and street preaching.

 Date: Sat, 3/19/16

    Guests: Mark Cahill

    Topics: Mark Cahill from Mark Cahill Ministries talks about his ministry, some of his books, and handing out tracts.


Date: Sat, 3/26/16

    Guests: Robert Morey

    Topics: Robert Morey from

and Tim talk about Islam.


    Date: Sat, 4/2/16

    Guests: Adam Porter

    Topics: Adam Porter from the new Potter's House in Las Vegas talks to Tim about how he came to the Lord.

 Date: Sat, 4/9/16

    Guests: Gary Fahey, Huey David

    Topics: Gary Fahey talks about his wife's healing after a car wreck. Huey David talks about street preaching and tracting

Date: Sat, 4/16/16

    Topics: Blake Grantham, a Christian, talks to Robert Starling, a member of the Mormon cult, about some of the doctrinal errors and beliefs in Mormonism.

Date: Sat, 4/23/16

    Topics: Linda Boyd talks about an "empowerment" conference being held in the Las Vegas area June 23-25. Tim reads from the tract "Three Truths Every Mormon Should Know".

Date: Sat, 4/30/16

    Topics: Albert Roma, brought up in street gangs, talks. Susan Stafford talks about the early days with "Wheel of Fortune" and Media Fellowship International.

 Date: Sat, 5/7/16

    Guests: Robert Friedman

    Topics: Bob talks about his book about being Jewish and his transition to Biblical Christianity.

Date: Sat, 5/14/16

    Guests: Danny Daniels

Topics: Pastor Danny Daniels talks about 5 key problems he sees in the Church.

 Date: Sat, 5/21/16

    Guests: Jack McElroy, Mike Cahill

    Topics: Jack McElroy talks about the KJV version of the Bible, and Mike Cahill talks about the trip last week with Tim to Venezuela

Date: Sat, 5/28/16

    Guests: Rob Walters

    Topics: Rob Walters, a pastor and lawyer with a show on KKVV radio, talks about Hillary Clinton and the allegations that she is bisexual.

Date: Sat, 6/4/16

   Robert Morey, Robert Starling

    Topics: Dr. Robert Morey from debates Robert Starling, a member of the Mormon church.

Date: Sat, 6/11/16


    Guests: Robert Morey

    Topics: Dr. Robert Morey talks about the boxer Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay)and his connections with Islam.

Date: Sat, 6/18/16


    Guests: Robert Morey

    Topics: Robert Morey talks about Eastern Orthodoxy.


    Date: Sat, 6/25/16

    Guests: Robert Morey

    Topics: Robert Morey talks about the Seventh Day Adventists


 Date: Sat, 7/02/16

    Guests: Kent Hovind

    Topics: Dr. Kent Hovind from talks about Creation Science.

Date: Sat, 7/09/16

    Jane Chastain, Bob Worley

   Jane Chastain from World Net Daily talks about the election, and Bob Worley from Remnant X Radio talks about the "Burning Man Festival"

 Date: Sat, 7/16/16

Jack McElroy Tim at the Republican Convention this week, so Jack McElroy is the guest host. Jack talks about his book "How I Lost My Fear of Death, and You Can Too!"

Date: Sat, 7/23/16

   Pilot Mike Cahill, Pastor Richard Hill

  Pilot Mike talks about passing out tracts at the Republican Convention. Pastor Richard Hill from Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation talks about witnessing to Jewish people.


    Date: Sat, 7/30/16

    Guests: Pat Boone

    Topics: Pat Boone talks about the Presidential candidates and the upcoming election.


Date: Sat, 8/6/16

    Guests: Gary Koons

    Topics: While Tim is away on a mission trip, Robert Morey and Gary Koons talk about the Trinity.


Date: Sat, 8/13/16

    Guests: No Guests

    Topics: Tim talks about his mission trip to Honduras last week, and reads the tract "Camel's in the Tent".

Date: Sat, 8/20/2016

Todays program is guest hosted by Dr. Bob Morey with special guest Reverend Gary Coon. This program discusses doctrinal errors within Christianity regarding the trinity.

Date: Sat, 8/27/16

    Guests: Gregory Reid

    Topics: Gregory Reid talks about boys that have been molested by adults.

Date: Sat, 9/10/16

    Topics: Kleg Seth, a Christian pursuing the production of faith based films, talks with Tim about his career in the movie industry, and running a halfway house in Hollywood.

Date: Sat, 10/1/16

    Guests: Mike Cahill, Pam Caylor

    Mike talks about his recent mission trips with Tim to hand out tracts. Pam Caylor from "First Choice Pregnancy Services" talks about abortion.



Date: Sat, 10/15/16

    Guests: Dan Fox, Rob Walters

    Topics: Dan Fox is the guest host and talks to Rob Walters from Red Sky Radio about the upcoming Presidential election, abortion, and other topics.

Date: Sat, 10/22/16

  Christie Michas, Jane Chastain

    Topics: Christie Michas from "Messengers of Messiah" and Jane Chastain from "World Net Daily" talk about the upcoming election, and women voting for Trump.

Date: Sat, 10/29/16

    David Daniels, Pilot Mike Cahill

    Topics: David Daniels, Jack Chick's right hand man at Chick Tracts, and Pilot Mike Cahill talk about Jack Chick going home to be with the Lord.


Date: Sat, 11/5/16

    Guests: Dr. Robert Morey

    Topics: Robert Morey is guest host while Tim is away.


Todays program 11/12/2016

Guest host Dr. Bob Morey talks about his new book regarding bible translations.

Date: Sat, 11/19/16

  Mike Cahill, Rachel Haggerty

Mike talks about the recent trip with Tim to Paraguay & Argentina to pass out tracts. Rachel  talks about abortion, and the "Abolishionist Movement".

 Date: Sat, 11/26/1

Rob Walter "Dr. Bill's Fire Radio Show" talks to Tim about passing out tracts  Rob Walter from the " talks about the Presidential election, and the recount of votes being forced by the Green Party.

Date: Sat, 12/3/16

    Guests: Jack McElroy

    Topics: Jack McElroy from Chick Tracts talks about the KJV Bible, and compares to the NIV, NASB, ESV, and NKJV.

 Todays program (12/18/16) Tim and Mike Cahill discuss Tim's trip to Belize. Guests incude: John Peters, Rueben Israel & Mike Cahill


Todays program 12/24/16 is centered around the Jewish perspective of Christmas with special guest:

 Robert A. Friedman

Todays program 12/31/2016


 is hosted by Danny Daniels gives some perspective regarding our nations political position with God.

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